Eggs 3 ways

Thursday 12/01

What is economical, easy to store, adapts to a multitude of recipes both savory and sweet,

appreciated by all and at all ages, its qualities are such that it is accepted and sought after by all (except vegans) .

Eggs !!!!

During this cooking class your teen will learn

How to Cook hard-boiled eggs that can be used in different recipes such as salads, sandwiches,

but especially to make deviled eggs that your children will learn to cook.

Then your little chef will learn how to make an omelet

 and how to combine different ingredients to make 1 complete dish for dinner

And to finish can you  imagine, your kitchen boy, preparing you delicious scrambled eggs

following the recipe he will have learned to make with us


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Eggs teen 12/01


$2.28 (tax)
Total: $37.28

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