Nougat ice cream

Wednesday 8/14

Among the traditional desserts that we like to find on our tables,

nougat ice cream has long had a place of choice. Perfect to end a rich and hearty meal,

 it brings a touch of freshness and indulgence appreciated by the guests.

Composed of an Italian meringue and whipped cream to which candied fruit or crushed dried fruit is added,

the nougat ice cream can be made in advance and can be served with a fruit coulis or custard

Come and learn how to make this dessert with Yveline our pastry chef

You will see how each step happens.

you'll have a dinner and a complimentary drink

Come with your good mood and we will take care of the rest.

$55 pp

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Nougat ice cream 8/14

5:30 pm

$3.58 (tax)
Total: $58.58