Saturday June 11

Special dinner at MY Sweet Art

  • Sangria, a typical Spanish drink, is made from a base of red wine in which slices of fruit are macerated with spices and sparkling water.

  • Tapas, those appetizers for dinner aperitifs, or full meals, traditional in Spanish cuisine, generally made up of a rich variety of various taste preparations

  • Paella is a traditional Spanish culinary specialty made from round rice, originating from the region of Valencia, which takes its name from the pan used to cook it. It is to this day one of the traditional emblematic dishes of Spanish cuisine. Eric, our cook, will make you the recipe of his Spanish grandmother

  • For dessert, Crema catalana is a dessert consisting of a cooked cream flavored with lemon or orange zest and cinnamon, it is served with a layer of burnt sugar.

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Special dinner 06/11

7:00 pm

Only by reservation

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