Saturday July 16

Special dinner at MY Sweet Art

    • After our 3 classic appetizers,

    • Scallops, just seared and placed on a creamy risotto

    • Then a delicately cooked chicken breast with preserved lemons will delight your palate.

    • And to finish you can enjoy the homemade almond cream contained in the Basque cake, which Yveline will be happy to make for you.


$45 pp

Wine Pairing $63

Appetizer assortment

Risotto with scallops

Chicken with preserved lemons

Basque Cake

Merlot or Pinot noir or Sauvignon or Chardonnay


Bordeaux blanc (white wine)


To book your seat call us 239 458 7646

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Special dinner 07/16

7:00 pm

Only by reservation

6.5% tax