Chocolate dinner

Saturday September 24

The chocolate dinner at My sweet art
It's chocolate from appetizer to dessert

Whether you are a chocolate lover or a lover of fine food then this dinner is for you

We will start with our 3 appetizers

Goat cheese placed on a slice of bread and delicately covered with a drizzle of chocolate ganache

a dark chocolate candy with a center of white chocolate ganache and blue cheese

Macaron with a layer of chocolate onions and bacon

As a starter, 

mussels cooked with shallots and Chablis (French white wine), all seasoned with dark chocolate.

The main course 

will be pork tenderloin with an orange and chocolate sauce

The dessert

Finally Yveline will offer you its chocolate mousse cake

You can taste this menu with the wine of your choice or by following our wine pairing

Menu : 

$60 pp

Wine Pairing $78

Appetizer assortment

Mussels in a chablis sauce

Pork tenderloin with an orange and chocolate sauce

Choco mousse cake



Chateauneuf du pape

St Estephe

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7:00 pm

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