Full dinner  

Friday 5/24

  • Savor the unmatched tenderness of Beef Stroganoff, where juicy beef chunks are simmered to perfection in a creamy mushroom and onion sauce. Enhanced with a touch of mustard and paprika, this traditional dish captivates with its rich flavors and comforting taste..

    We love sharing our passion and expertise. Watch each preparation step closely and learn techniques.

    In a convivial environment, where exchange and interaction are encouraged, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn with other cooking enthusiasts present and you will leave with the recipe.

    Once the class is finished, fully savor the dish, accompanied by a complimentary drink .

    Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or a lover of taste discoveries, our Full Dinner Cooking Class offers an unforgettable experience combining pleasure, learning, and friendliness. Book now and let yourself be seduced by the authentic flavors of French cuisine.

  • Come with your good mood and we will take care of the rest.


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Beef Stroganoff 5/24

5:30 pm

$3.58 (tax)
Total: $58.58