Our Founder

Yveline Mauclerc

Yveline is passionate about cooking and especially pastry since her childhood. She came in May 2017 to the United States with her husband Eric to realize the dream of a lifetime: to open My Sweet Art in Cape Coral.

Yveline excelled at the LenĂ´tre Pastry School in Paris, where she obtained a bachelor's degree in pastry. Her passion for quality cooking and pastry making led her to take lessons with the world champion pastry chef Christophe Michalack   and 3-Michelin star chef Georges Blanc.

Today, Yveline offers lunch, week-end brunch, and pastries at My Sweet Art. Everything is made from scratch.  And she has also embarked on giving cooking classes.  As she took a lot of classes herself and tested many recipes, she was able to realize how confusing following recipes can be.  Too often, the recipes seem simple and once alone in the kitchen, it doesn't work!  So Yveline decided to do live cooking classes, where she can share some of the most valuable secrets she has learned.

Whether her clients are beginners or already experienced, the classes Yveline offers are fitting, simple and accessible to everyone. Experiencing the pleasure her clients express, and the excellent results, she decided to focus on the My Sweet Art cooking school and offer more and more classes.