Yveline's Showcase

Buche de noel

Thursday 12/07

馃巹 Virtual Culinary Demonstration with Yveline: Crafting the Iconic B没che de No毛l 馃巹

Join Yveline for a festive journey into the heart of the holiday season as she masterfully demonstrates the art of the B没che de No毛l, or Yule Log.

What can you expect?

  • An in-depth guide to the traditional components of the B没che, from the soft sponge cake to the rich buttercream filling.

  • Expert techniques to achieve the characteristic wood-like texture and appearance.

  • Tips for decorative touches, like meringue mushrooms or chocolate leaves.

  • An interactive Q&A session to answer all your holiday baking queries.

Demonstration details:

馃搮Date: 12/07

馃晵 Time: 3 pm

馃捇 Platform: Zoom

We will do our best  to ensure that every participant has the chance to interact and have their queries addressed.


  1. Attendees will receive a recorded video of Yveline's festive B没che de No毛l masterclass.

  2. Printable recipe cards to create your own Yule Log will be shared.

Embrace the festive spirit and learn to craft the perfect B没che de No毛l with Yveline, making your holiday celebrations all the more magical!

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