Cooking with Yveline

Crème Brûlée & Chocolate Mousse

Tuesday 11/28

Sweet lovers, embark on a real-time culinary journey with Yveline! Join us for an exclusive virtual culinary workshop via Zoom, where you won't just watch, but actively cook alongside Yveline, crafting two of France's most iconic desserts: Crème Brûlée and Chocolate Mousse.

**What will you discover?**- Secret techniques for a perfect crème brûlée with its crunchy caramelized sugar crust.- The authentic recipe for a creamy and airy chocolate mousse.- Handy tips and answers to your questions to ensure your preparations are a success.

**Workshop details:

**📅 Date: Tuesday 11/28

🕒 Time: 3 pm

💻 Platform: Zoom

Spaces are limited to ensure an interactive and personalized experience for all participants. Before the event, you'll receive a detailed list of ingredients, ensuring you're prepped and ready to cook in real-time with Yveline.

**Bonus**: All participants will receive a recorded video of the class, allowing you to revisit the techniques and recipes whenever you wish and a printable recipe!

Don't miss this unique cook-along opportunity. Enhance your culinary skills, savor the results, and have a lasting memory of the experience! Whether you're a beginner or a kitchen maestro, Yveline looks forward to sharing this sweet adventure with you.

Aprons at the ready! Let’s create delicious memories together. 🍴


Ustensils you need

Before you sign up, we want to make sure you can follow this recipe with us. 

Here is the list of utensils you will need.

**Crème Brûlée** :

1. **Preparation**:

   - A whisk

   - A saucepan

   - A mixing bowl

   - A pitcher

2. **Cooking**:

   - Heat-resistant ramekins

   - A baking tray (to place the ramequins in the oven)

3. **Finishing**:

   - A kitchen torch. Alternatively, a broiler can be used.

**Chocolate Mousse**:

1. **Preparation**:

   - A food processor or kitchen mixer

   - A saucepan

   - A bowl

   - Another bowl only if you use a kitchen mixer

   - A spatula

2. **Serving**:

   - Glasses or cups to serve the mousse

   - Plastic wrap

Once registered, you will receive the full list of ingredients and all the advice necessary to prepare yourself well.

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