Eggs 3 ways

Wednesday 3/01

What is economical, easy to store, adapts to a multitude of recipes both savory and sweet,

appreciated by all and at all ages, its qualities are such that it is accepted and sought after by all (except vegans) .

Eggs !!!!

During this cooking class you will learn

How to Cook Eggs Using the 3 6 9 Rule
How to make a poached egg while learning the  egg meurette recipe
and finally how to make a classic French omelet

You will see how each step happens.

You will leave with the recipe

And we will offer one drink  and you will have a dinner

(glass of wine, beer,soda)

So you will have a cooking lesson and you will eat


Come with your good mood and we will take care of the rest.

To book your site call us 239 458 7646

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Eggs 3 ways 3/01

6:30 pm

$3.58 (tax)
Total: $58.58

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