Yveline's Showcase

Lemon Tart

Thursday 0/00

🍋 Virtual Culinary Demonstration with Yveline: Perfecting the Classic Lemon Tart 🍋

Witness the elegance of crafting the quintessential lemon tart with Yveline.

What can you expect?

  • A deep dive into the world of lemon tarts, highlighting the importance of zesty, flavorful fillings and a perfectly baked crust.

  • An introduction to Yveline's signature techniques and special touches.

  • An interactive Q&A session to address all your lemon tart curiosities.

**Demonstration details:**

📅 Date: [to be filled in]

🕒 Time: [to be filled in]

💻 Platform: Zoom

We will do our best  to ensure that every participant has the chance to interact and have their queries addressed.

**Exclusive Takeaways**: After the demonstration, all attendees will receive:

1. A recorded video of the session, ensuring you can revisit Yveline's expertise at your leisure.

2. A printable recipe card for both desserts, making it easy for you to recreate the magic in your own kitchen at a later date.

Join us in celebrating the tangy delight of lemon tarts, and elevate your baking game with this classic French dessert!


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