Yveline's Showcase

French Macarons

Tuesday 2/13

Virtual Culinary Demonstration with Yveline: The Mystique of French Macarons Revealed 

For all those enchanted by the allure of French Macarons, join Yveline for a mesmerizing peek into their world. Through a live virtual demonstration on Zoom, witness the magic and precision that goes into crafting these bite-sized wonders.

What can you expect?

  • A masterful demonstration of crafting the quintessential macaron shell.

  • Insight into creating diverse, velvety fillings and achieving the signature “pied” (foot).

  • An interactive Q&A, where Yveline unveils treasured macaron secrets and attends to your curiosities.

Demonstration details:

📅 Date: Tuesday February 13

🕒 Time: 3 PM

💻 Platform: Zoom

We will do our best  to ensure that every participant has the chance to interact and have their queries addressed.

Following the live session, each attendee will be graced with:

  1. A recorded video of Yveline’s expertise, a treasure to revisit.

  2. A printable recipe card, ensuring the magic of French Macarons can be recreated in your sanctuary.

Step into the world of delicate flavors and vibrant hues with Yveline.

It’s not just baking; it’s a dance of elegance and flavor.

Reserve your space and get enchanted by the world of French Macarons! 

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Zoom cooking class Macarons showcase 2/13

3 PM


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