Yveline's Showcase


Thursday 2/29

Embark on a savory journey with Yveline as she demonstrates the art of crafting the perfect quiche.

What can you expect?

  • Expert tips on creating a flawless crust and balanced filling.

  • Introduction to various quiche variations, from Lorraine to vegetable-packed options.

  • An interactive Q&A session to explore the versatility of quiches.

Demonstration details:

📅 Date: 2/29

🕒 Time: 5 PM

💻 Platform: Zoom


We will do our best  to ensure that every participant has the chance to interact and have their queries addressed.

  1. Attendees will receive a recorded video of Yveline's quiche crafting session.

  2. Printable recipe cards to craft your own savory quiche will be shared.

Dive into the savory world of quiches with Yveline's expert guidance!

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Zoom cooking class Quiches showcase 2/29

5 PM


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